“Ron Lebert of Windsor-Essex Janitorial has been cleaning our offices for two years.
He is always punctual, courteous and friendly. And he does an excellent job of cleaning our offices.
I would recommend him for all your maintenance work.”
Chris Boutette, Manager, Boutette & Barnett Trade Distribution Centre.
“Windsor Essex Janitorial have been cleaning our office during the past year and we are extremely satisfied with the quality of their cleaning and work ethics.

Ron is very pleasant to deal with and most important, he is trustworthy and reliable. We rely heavily on Ron and his staff to keep our office neat and clean and would highly recommend their services for any business cleaning needs.”

Rita Olivito, President, IMPACT STAFFING INC.
“We have been currently using Windsor-Essex Janitorial Inc. for the past year. During this time, we have found them to be reliable, and trustworthy. Windsor-Essex Janitorial Inc. is interested in satisfying all needs requested by their customers. We rely on Windsor-Essex Janitorial Inc. to keep us in a clean environment, with safe products that insure health in the workplace.

I would recommend their services to other businesses in the community.”

Kellie Ondejko, President, Onsort Mater Management Inc.
“We have been using Ron Lebert and his staff at Windsor-Essex Janitorial lnc. for more than a year now and we have only praises for their work.

Ron keeps our whole office, including the staff kitchen, clean and presentable. Ron is very reliable, easy to work with and clearly takes pride in his work. Perhaps even more importantly, I know our office is secure while Ron takes care of the dust.

I would recommend the services of Windsor-Essex Janitorial Inc. to anyone who wants
professional work done without hassles.”

Robin Bondy, Officer Manager, BONDY. RILEY. KOSKI.
“We are a growing and busy Anglican Parish with nearly 300 families. That means that each week there are a variety of diverse activities at our church. We have the great comfort of knowing that because of Ron and Windsor-Essex Janitorial when people come through our doors, things are clean and fresh.

A visiting Clergy was heard to say a short time ago that ours was “the freshest church washroom he has seen in a long time.” We are proud to have this fine group providing such valuable service to us. This company has always been flexible with our changing schedule and have come to our aid when we needed it most. This has sometimes meant that this company has been here at some very unusual hours and have never complained about it.

The other gift that we have been given in Ron is his kindness to go beyond what we expect him to do. There are times that parishioners have left things out that should be put away, etc – Ron always works around these things and in many cases as assisted even in repairing things that needed it. Ron has notified us well in advance of our need to order new supplies and has been keen to make us away of facility issues as he has seen them arise. In at least one case, we could have had serious problems had he not be as kind as he was to call and let me know of a leak that he had discovered. In short, these people really care and take the utmost pride in their work.

When people come to church here at 8 or 10:30AM on Sunday mornings, or when they come for any of the many events that we have throughout the week, I have confidence that they are entering a fresh and clean environment. In a day in age where people are church shopping, and where the facility is a large part of their decision making process, having a caring and competent cleaner is crucial. We have that asset!

Thank you so very much Windsor Essex Janitorial for your diligence and competence and for caring about the church, not just for cleaning it! I am proud to offer this testimonial on behalf of the people of St. Mark’s by-the-Lake Church.”

The Reverend Kevin George B. Ed, M. Div., Rector, St. Mark's by-the-Lake Anglican Church.
“We are currently using Windsor Essex Janitorial for the cleaning of our office and have been for the past year. Over that past year we have found Ron and his staff to be concerned with our needs in regard to keeping our professional office clean. We trust Ron to keep the confidentiality of our clients, as this is imperative to our business.

We have and will continue to recommend Windsor Essex Janitorial to our other offices in Windsor Essex and to other businesses.”

Gillian Luciw, Edward Jones.